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The Latest Outdoor Retractable Glass Veranda

At the Great British Awning and Blind Company™, we constantly push boundaries to enhance your outdoor experience. As such, we take immense pride in introducing our newest innovation – VELARIUM. The UK’s first retractable glass veranda, set to revolutionise your outdoor space.

A New Experience in outdoor verandas

The retractable VELARIUM veranda stands unparalleled in its design and functionality. Breaking away from conventional norms, it offers a clean, modern design that is unlike any other.

This innovative product allows you to enjoy the beauty of an unobstructed glass roof by blurring the boundaries between inside comfort and outside brilliance. Fully retractable via an easy-to-use control panel, the VELARIUM veranda allows total flexibility.

Uncompromised Safety, Unparalleled Simplicity

The VELARIUM’s design prioritises safety and simplicity.

It’s also the first roof of its kind that meets European standards for various weather conditions. Through sun, rain, wind and snow, you have peace of mind knowing your outdoor space is well-protected. Plus, with the added benefit of it being retractable, it means you can retract it if the sun gets too hot.

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Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Recognising that every outdoor space is unique, the new retractable VELARIUM glass veranda offers modularity for any outdoor area.

It can be attached to your property wall, or it can be free-standing. It is also available in a variety of colours, so you can adapt your new veranda to blend seamlessly with your design choices.

Innovative Design

VELARIUM’s retractable veranda boasts a modern design that ensures an unobstructed sky view and weather protection.

Lighting Features

VELARIUM optimises daylight while offering optional LED lighting for after-dark use, making your outdoor space versatile.

Sun shade
Simple and Safe

Adhering to European safety standards, VELARIUM provides full weather protection with its straightforward design.

Bespoke Installation

We offer tailored solutions for outdoor spaces and guarantee professionalism at every step of your project from consultation to installation.

Professional Installation Service

As with all of our products, the VELARIUM is professionally installed by our in-house, experienced and dedicated team.

This includes an in-depth design consultation and then a complete site survey to ensure your chosen specifications fit the space, followed by an installation process where we provide the utmost care and attention to detail.

From beginning to end, the Great British Awning and Blind Company™ supports you to ensure the very highest standard and finish, ensuring you are truly thrilled with the end result.

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